The DC Cruickshank Reserve Master Plan is to provide for co-ordinated future development upon the reserve with a focus on the provision of recreational facilities that will meet the long-term needs of the current users, sporting clubs and general community in line with the City’s strategic direction.

The Masterplan process included extensive consultation with the current stakeholder groups, community workshops, liaison with Dept Sport and Recreation and the City of Nedlands.

At the commencement of the process it was the City’s view that the capital expenditure, funding grants and lifecycle costs warrant that any future sport club development would be achieved by moving all three stakeholder sporting clubs into a single shared-use building. As this process unfolded it was tested whether the original brief assumption that the ‘shared-use facility’ would be the most appropriate model from a functional, cultural and long-term economic perspective.

Consequently three masterplan schemes were developed and costed on the basis of their up-front capital cost. These two preferred schemes were then identified by the City, community and its stakeholders for a lifecycle Cost Analysis in order to establish the long-term economic implications of any decisions. A preferred scheme : to renovate the existing Bowls and Tennis Clubs and to build a new Football Club, was identified as a result of this process.

The landscape was developed with a view to bringing a civic quality to the project. Carparking paired as piazza spaces, gardens as community shared spaces and places and edges for rest and activity.

The landscape character is figured by a purple Jacaranda ‘necklace’ to the west, continuing into the entries of the site and joining the filtered green of existing and proposed Eucalypt trees.


Project Details

Dalkeith, Western Australia