BANGKOK RESIDENCE -   Landscape Residential (architecture by TIERRA Design)

Site Plan

    Site Section


Site Section

The landscape design provided a secluded setting for four villas, a communal pavilion and a private garden.

The landscape core idea is structured as a series of layered spatial environments.

The ground landscape provides a private setting for guests, connected from a central circulation hub, with shelter provided by the elevated lawn plinth above. The upper level landscape centers around a lawn courtyard, providing connections and an openness for all the buildings. Boundary plantings provide further privacy for the residents.

Though unrealised, the project is a treasured favourite of ours and its ideas continue to echo through our work......


Site - Bangkok, Thailand

Design Team - TIERRA - Martin Palleros , Varissa Srisataporn + Steven Postmus

Project Year - 2008

Many thanks to TIERRA Design for permission of use of images and references