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Carr Place

Located within the ‘Town Centre’ precinct of the City of Vincent, the proposed development provides a new
mixed use building, with a mix of commercial units
and residential apartments.

Built on a long and narrow site, the orientation allowed the development to provide expansive outdoor balconies which would help activate the street.


Project Details

Leederville, Western Australia
Design Development


CAPA Team:
Justin Carrier (Project Director)
Qian Yun Say (Project Leader)
Steven Postmus
Kah Wai Leong
Steven Johnson

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A central and landscaped core ensures each apartment has significant access to natural ventilation and light, while providing an attractive outlook to residents and visitors.

Large balconies with lush planters provide attractive outdoor living spaces which are an extension to each apartment.

Larger penthouse style apartments on the upper level provide expansive outdoor areas ideal for entertaining and enjoying the lively local atmosphere.

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Good design was key objective for the client who wanted to provide a quality build with styled apartments.

To achieve this, robust materials are proposed for the exterior including 'fluted' precast concrete panels and a bespoke metal screen system to adorn the primary facade while each apartment is spacious with quality fixtures throughout.

The commercial awning will be lined with shimmering tiles and wrapped in a quality 'ribbed' cement sheeting to complement the 'fluted' concrete panels. 

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The landscape and external environment is a fundamental premise for the holistic design of the

A central light well  will act to cool the apartments whilst creating a green outlook visible from all levels. Two mature trees will provide scale and privacy to the light well on the terrace level and add to the ‘green’ outlook from the upper levels. 

An open air circulation bridge flanked by planters on both sides, connects the apartments to the circulation core. The bridge planters will incorporate both cascading and climbing plants growing onto elements such at the stair well and lift core.

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