TWEEDDALE RD -   Landscape Residential (architecture by Iredale Pedersen and Hook IPH)

The landscape concept posits a design that celebrates a variety of experience and responds to the opportunities of site: elevation and city/river views. The scope includes a large garden to the front, rear garden, elevated planter and roof gardens.

Three core ideas for the landscape have been developed: Ancient Landscape, Grove of Mystery + Carved Space.

Ancient Landscape
Responding to the dark brick presence of the house, the landscape will evoke a quality of permanence, forest, strength and other worldliness.

Grove of Mystery
The house will be shrouded from the street by a grove of trees, continuing the experience from the street of being surrounded by canopies above. Views of the house will become an unfolding

Carved Space
In contrast to the entrance’s sheltered grove, a clearing which continues the openness of the river, residence interior into the garden. The clearing is also reflects the geometries of the residence’s entrance and canopy. This clearing will provide an opportunity for a lawn area, allowing for a play space for children and for leisure. The space will appeared ‘carved’ into the garden, referencing historic parterre gardens and provide a contrast with the texture of garden.

A variety of succulents to the low depth planters to the upper levels will provide a low maintenance landscape, emphasising the primacy of the view and river scape beyond


Client - Private
Site - Tweeddale Rd, Applecross - Western Australia
Project Status - Completed

Architect - Iredale Pedersen + Hook (IPH)
Landscape - Carrier and Postmus Architects CAPA

Project Year - 2012