WESSEX STREET -   Landscape Residential (architecture by Pendal and Neille Architects)

The landscape scope included a small garden to the front/side and input for the hardscaping.

Developed closely with the architects, the landscape provided a number of spatial experiences: an outdoor room at the street, framing the picturesque, and a connection to the existing parkland.

The architectural renovation is described by Pendal and Neille architects as;
‘The re-working of an existing 1980’s project-home to create a whole-new-world.....Understood as an ‘unfurling interior’ that is revealed in time, the Carine House orchestrates a series of moments intended to engender a sense of place and build atmosphere. Rooms and gardens are purposefully correlated, a series of thickened walls configure a pinwheel order of timber lined rooms that intensify space, filter natural light and orientate attention through deep dark glossy portals, across stone terraces, to carefully curated gardens.

Outdoor Room
The home becomes accessed through a northern courtyard with shaded terrace and flower garden. The courtyard is both private but open to the street, spatially created by an undulating ribboned picket fence, garden and flanked by two trees.

Picturesque Framed
The renovated entry is formed by the architects as a pause space with a window storage seat framing the paired Gleditsia tree plantings beyond. The living room is skirted with a gloss black double bay-window, providing a deep threshold to the north terrace courtyard and scented garden.
At the centre of the house, a newly formed dining room provides a familial focus, orientated towards the West Terrace and swimming pool and to the east to the kitchen. An djacent small terrace receives morning sun and nightime aromas.

Connected Parkland
With the clients also seeking a connectedness to their local context, the northern courtyard includes a wide vista to the north-west of the nearby Carine open space. The lowered fence heights, fixed benching orientated with tree plantings behind  also telescope these aspirations.

Many thanks to Pendal + Neille Architects for permission of use of images and references


Client - Private
Site - Wessex St, Carine - Western Australia
Architect - Pendal + Neille Architects
Landscape - CAPA

Project Year - 2012
Photographs -